Atlantic All Energy receives SME certification, reinforcing its corporate status.

Another ASP Group company awarded certification by IAPMEI.

SME certification

Atlantic All Energy, a company within the ASP Group, has achieved a significant milestone in its business journey by receiving the coveted SME Certification from IAPMEI. This electronic certification is a distinction awarded to companies that demonstrate compliance with the rigorous criteria established for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in Portugal.

SME Certification

The SME Certification is primarily an electronic service designed to streamline the process of verifying the business status, both for the companies themselves and for entities within the Public Administration and associated entities. This recognition is particularly relevant for companies seeking to demonstrate their business status and consolidate their position in the market. By receiving this certification, the ASP Group not only strengthens its credibility with partners and clients, but also demonstrates its commitment to excellence and compliance with industry standards.

The Institute for the Support of Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation (IAPMEI) is the entity responsible for granting this important recognition in the Portuguese business landscape. Through rigorous and impartial analysis, IAPMEI ensures that only companies that truly meet the established criteria receive this distinction.

The achievement of another SME Certification by the ASP Group not only reinforces its commitment to the highest standards of business excellence but also signals its ongoing dedication to contributing to the country’s economic development.

This certification is more than just a recognition; it is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in both the national and international markets.